5 Most Common Plumbing Problems


Plumbing systems just like any other systems in the home are prone to occasional problems. The problems could be to a number of reasons and each particular problem has its own unique solution. Some problems are easy to solve for DIY enthusiasts while others will require a plumber to help. It is possible however to avoid these problems by maintaining the plumbing systems at www.emergencyplumberhouston.net. There are easy maintenance practices available to take care of the systems. Here are some of the most common plumbing troubles you could have:

Clogged or slow drainage – the toilet or sink drains could become clogged causing slow flow or blocking the drains entirely. Clogs are easily removed using a plunger, plumbing snake or simply pouring hot water through the drains. Strainers should be fitted in kitchen sinks.

Dripping faucets or taps – this is a very common problem in many homes. This is because faucets and taps have moving knobs which are prone to wear and tear. The washers or cartridges get worn out therefore being unable to stop the flow of the water completely. These can be replaced easily with new ones. Get the best quality faucets which are durable.

Low water pressure – it can be caused by a water leak somewhere in the pipes or the pipes could be corroded. Low water pressure could also be due to clogging in the shower heads due to water minerals accumulation. The problem can be solved by replacing the corroded pike, repairing the leak or getting a new shower head.


Leaking pipes – they can cause major damage to the ceilings, walls and the floor of the house. Pipe leaks cause wastage of water which in turn costs you money. They could be caused by frozen pipes, corrosion, old pipes, disconnected joints among other reasons. Leaking pipes should be fixed immediately they are noticed. They can be fixed by soldering or replacing a piece of the pipe that leaks.

Tree roots – they cause pipes to burst underneath the soil. It is important to take note of the big trees in the compound and how far they are from the plumbing systems. If they are very close then it might be necessary to cut the tree. The roots should be cut and a chemical maybe used to prevent them from growing farther into the plumbing system. Repairing the damage caused by roots will require to have the whole yard dug out which can be time consuming and messy.

There are many other plumbing problems but these are the most common which most people experience. Other problems include; frozen or burst pipes, corroded plumbing system, running toilet and sump pump failure among others. Take care of the system to avoid the disaster caused by these problems.